Why I Left The Satanic Temple

Ariadne's Labyrinth

Where to begin… The only logical place to start is at the beginning, so I am going to take you back several years, to my first encounter with The Satanic Temple.

Let me set the stage first:

It’s 2017 and I am freshly out as a non-believer. I had participated in a lot of LGBTQ+ activist groups and had garnered a large following [13k] underneath the pseudonym “Kim Possible”. While scrolling through the posts in one of these LGBTQ+ groups, I stopped on none other than a post authored by “Sadie Satanas”. I sent a direct message to her and it would lead to her introducing me to TST’s Seven Tenets and Lucien Greaves’ work.

At this point, I dived head first into every Satanic book I could find while simultaneously attempting to join the Austin Chapter of TST. Due to my distance, it made meet-ups hard, so I never…

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