The Modern Satanist: Where Do I Belong?

Ariadne's Labyrinth

For many years when someone talked about Satanists, it was assumed that they were part of the Church of Satan. The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Anton Szandor LaVey and is still one of the largest Satanic organizations in existence. But as time passed, more groups have popped up, some with new progressive ideas and others that are more sinister in nature.

But as a self-identified Satanist, do we HAVE to belong to any group? Ultimately the answer to that question is: “No. Satanism is a self-defined practice that proclaims the highest power to be “Self” and to reject any power that attempts to command oneself against one’s will.” Satanism can come in many forms, though certain Satanic scholars will argue that point. Some Satanists believe in a personal Satan while other’s, arguably the majority, define Satan as a literary character that embodies Autonomy, Science, Power and…

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