The Confusion of saying I “Identify as ______,” and a better solution.

Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez

I am struggling with language right now. Some are saying they “identify as intersex.” I assume they are the variations of intersex that are rarely called “intersex.” Such as CAH, Hypospadias, Klinfelters and or XXY people. In this regard, I understand the usage of the phrase “identify as intersex” because many of these variations of intersex can be denied as intersex by the very organizations that support people with these types of bodies.

However here is my problem, and I think it is coming from my transgender intersectionality having a conflict with language that is being used by both marginalized groups of people, intersex and transgender. Many in the trans community say I identify as a man, woman, nonbinary, etc., too, as in their Gender identity. As we all know, intersex is about physiology and that an intersex person can have any gender identity, boy/man, girl/woman, both or neither, and…

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