The Neurotypical Autism Diagnosis

Autistic Science Person

Imagine that someone is colorblind, yet they have the job of identifying and detecting colors, and everyone around them thinks they are doing a great job getting all of the colors right. There’s no oversight or check by someone who sees in color. No one even thinks twice about it really. Imagine those people being trained by other colorblind people on how to detect colors. Wouldn’t that seem a bit backwards?

That is the prism through which we view autistic people as a society, and as many professionals do. They may only see “communication deficits,” but really they aren’t able to see into an autistic person’s brain, who may not think in the way a neurotypical person can follow. They can’t go into our brain and figure out what we are thinking and feeling. The idea that you can take a test, or someone (usually a neurotypical person) can assess…

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