Compassionate and Reasoned Communication in an Online World

Ariadne's Labyrinth

Aria deSatanas & Stephen Bradford Long

I co-authored this manifesto with the incredible Stephen B. Long. As public Satanists in the time of Covid-19, we are both striving to uphold our Satanic values of compassion, empathy, and reason in online spaces. This article is the result. I hope you enjoy and take some of this to heart. Please be sure to check out Stephen’s work at:

We live in an increasingly online world. With technological advances booming and Covid-19 keeping us indoors and at home, we rely on our online interactions more than ever. Be it personal or professional, communication on the internet is now a necessity.

But are we held to the same moral and ethical standards that we are held to in person, while online? Do those standards change at all?

The following is an attempt to clarify our own moral standards for online engagement…

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