Steve Asbell’s Autistic Masking Quiz

Autistic Dreams


Art of a person crying behind a happy mask
Autistic masking can conceal a person’s struggles.

“Autistic masking” is the practice of hiding one’s own autistic traits, sometimes to the detriment of mental health. Autistic people do it consciously or unconsciously to “fit in” with the non-autistic world and avoid mistreatment.

Autistic masking can also make it harder to get a diagnosis. If you spend years learning to mimic non-autistic behavior, other people (even professionals!) might assume you’re non-autistic.

So if you’re looking for diagnosis and support, what do you do?

Autistic writer and artist Steve Asbell came up with an impressive set of questions to help identify autistic masking. With permission, I’m sharing them here in an easy-to-read format. They have been lightly edited and reorganized into sections.

Please note that this is not an official diagnostic resource. It’s here to help you consider whether an autism evaluation would be worth it.

Steve Asbell Autism Quotient, Revised

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