What Satanists Wish Other People Understood About Satanism

Stephen Bradford Long

Few religious groups are as misunderstood as Satanists. While I’ve done a great deal of explaining and pontificating about my own Satanism, I haven’t featured many other Satanic voices on this blog. I thought I would reach out to a few prominent Satanists and ask them what they wish non-Satanists understood about their religion. I found their answers enlightening and lovely.

Priest Penemue, a blogger and public face of Satanism, had this to say:

I wish that when people who are new to Satanism try to understand and critique it, they held it to the same standards that they consciously or unconsciously have for their own religion. Most Christians have an intuitive understanding that the fact that one person does a terrible thing “in the name of Christ” doesn’t make Christianity bad, nor does it even mean that person was genuinely a Christian. Yet I see those same people…

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