We are Not a Crisis: Lament the Problems of the Church If You Must, but Stop Erasing Ex-Evangelicals

Not Your Mission Field

Anyone other than an editor of a major centrist media outlet might have decided that in July 2019, the jeremiad-over-evanglelical-hypocrisy think piece should be considered passé. So of course Peter Wehner recently published just another such lament in The Atlantic. Don’t get me wrong; I’d rather have pundits criticizing conservative, mostly white evangelicals for their hypocrisy than treating them as perfectly benign and good-faith participants in American democracy.

The United States and Canada, where the rising Christian Right is also a threat to human rights, urgently need, now more than ever, to confront the problem of anti-democratic, anti-pluralist, authoritarian Protestants (and their LDS and traditionalist Catholic bedfellows) wielding political power. We will be able to do so much more productively if we do not erase the people who know evangelicalism better than any well-known pundit, however. I am of course thinking of ex-evangelicals, who Cindy Wang Brandt recently described

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