Boundary Setting for Safety and Security

Healing from the Narcissistic Abuser

First scenario: I will be using true-life stories in my examples so here we go.

A friend of mine was all excited about his first date with a woman he had met on a dating site. They shored up plans deciding to take his motorcycle, go to a restaurant/bar and after a quick bite, we’re going to have a nice ride in the cool evening summer air.

As they were having dinner, she was downing a rather large amount of alcohol. At first, he thought she was having fun and felt comfortable with him until she became noticeably abusive to the other patrons by both verbal and physical aggression, then turned to him and called him an asshole.  My friend had never planned for anything like this to happen, so he was left with a bomb that was blowing up quickly.

As he tried to redirect her to the exit…

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