What the Adult Childhood Abuse Victim Looks Like When They are Seeking Help from Mental Health Practitioners

Healing from the Narcissistic Abuser

As an adult survivor of childhood abuse, I knew little to nothing about many of the coping skills needed for adult life.  In trying to navigate the world with such a biased opinion of myself and becoming attached to others who would degrade me further was a given.  It wasn’t difficult to look back at my past and see a pattern emerge.

Being groomed as a youngster to tolerate the intolerable was just the way it was.  I hadn’t experienced many pleasantries throughout my life so when someone would treat me in a suitable manner I would end up swooning at their feet.  It didn’t take long for all the old uncomfortable feelings to come back like a tidal wave telling me that I had been horribly mistaken, but by that time it would be too late because I would either be married or ended up moving them into my…

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